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Jan 17, 2020

9 Top DIY Makeover Ideas for the Home

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Whether you are wanting to sell your home, looking for a cheap upgrade or just want a change in decor, a DIY makeover is the answer!  

We all love a good makeover round up don’t we?  I have gathered the most popular makeovers articles from my site all in one post, to get you fired up to grab a brush and create your own new wonderful makeover.   A DIY project is always cheaper than paying someone else to create it for you. You also have more control over what the final project looks like. 

Plan it out, take it slow, but first get inspired with these top makeover articles!

#9: Did you know countertops can be refinished, even painted?  Yes, they can. Save $1000’s and makeover your countertops, instead of purchasing new ones.  Check out this article to know what to do and what not to do in your kitchen or bath. 

#8: Kitchen chairs get so hammered.  Whether it is the baby who’s chair looks more like a paint pallet, to the rough teen who scratches up the furniture, kitchen chairs get worn and torn.  Have no fear, painting them is easy and gives your kitchen a whole new look. Check out these helpful tips to avoid common mistakes homeowners make.  

#7: A painted garage floor is one of those things, once you have you can never go back. You will be singing “A whole new world” after you complete this makeover project.  Grab a broom, and clean out that garage, because it is about to receive the greatest makeover ever!  

#6: There once was a time when I didn’t think you could repaint laminate.  The plastic coating of laminate does pose a problem to many DIYers…but I have you covered!  Check out these great tips on how to achieve a beautiful paint finish to those laminate cabinets.  Makeover here we go! 

#5:  Farmhouse style is HUGE and here to stay.  Whitewash furniture is a quintessential element to the farmhouse look.  Whitewash your walls, the sige table, your kitchen table, dressers or desks.  They all look beautiful with these clean cottage look. Check out my 7 tips before you start here: 

#4: Repainting kitchen cabinets is one of the most popular topics my readers want to learn about.  Cabinets are expensive. If you can repaint what you already have, you can save so much money!  

Good thing for you: I am a learner.  I love reading and researching before I dive into a project.  And, I don’t like wasting money on supplies that won’t give me the lasting look I want.  This article is for all of you, who want to repaint your kitchen counters with a paint that will last.  Learn more here: 

#3:  Does your kitchen need a new look?  Do you want the quickest easiest way to give your kitchen a makeover?  Repaint your table.  

The table is at the heart of the kitchen and repainting it truely does change the feel of the entire room.  Before you grab your brush, learn what not to do in this helpful article:

#2: This article has helped thousands of readers get a professional look to the entire home.  If you are looking to brighten up a room, or just need a new look, check out this article to learn how to paint walls correctly.  So many people get so excited about the makeover, they fail to teach themselves how to get the job done right.  

But not you.  Read this link to have a successful wall paint job!

#1: Are you ready for this?  

It is no surprise the most popular article deals with the kitchen.  The heart of every home.  

I love my kitchen cabinets.  They hold all my food, my plates, and thanksgiving platters.  They open and close dozens of times a day. Sometimes they are pulled on, stepped on and slammed shut, yet they still work.  They still do their job. And if your cabinets are like mine, they probably want a makeover. Painting cabinets is not for the novice DIYer.  They are a challenging and rewarding project. If you are up for the challenge, learn before you start with this article here:

I hope you enjoyed this makeover round up.  Are there any DIY projects you loved that weren’t listed?  Let me know, I would also love to see what you have done with this information in your home!  

Selling your home? looking for a cheap upgrade? or just want a change in decor, a DIY makeover is the answer!

I'm a DIYer and I love all things creative! Follow me to see more tips on painting furniture and repurposing old things to a new life.

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