Kitchen tables get hammered over time. Whether you have little kids digging in their forks into the table, or just host many dinners with platters scraping the top, the table gets abused. Eventually, most DIYers think of repainting their kitchen table. It is cheaper than purchasing a new table, and the best part: you get to make it exactly how you want it!
Painting a kitchen or dining table isn’t much more difficult than painting any other piece of furniture, but if you don’t know what you are doing, it can turn into a big mess. Before you begin your table makeover, remember the main concern of repainting a table is to make it durable. Kitchen tables take more wear and tear than your average dresser or bookshelf. And who wants to spend hours of work, to see chipped paint a week later?   

Here are five the most common mistakes people make painting a kitchen table:

DIY Painted Furniture whitewash table

#7- Not Sanding Enough

You don’t need to sand off all of the stain, however you do need your new paint to adhere to a rough surface.  Sand enough until you have a rough surface and can see no glossy finish. When I sand a table, I use

sanding table DIY wood furniture