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May 22, 2020

Top Spring DIY Painting Projects

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The arrival of warmer weather signals the perfect opportunity for engaging in DIY paint projects! As the sun begins to make more frequent appearances and the cheerful sounds of birdsong fill the air, it’s hard not to feel invigorated by the signs of spring. The sight of a busy honeybee buzzing around is especially delightful and inspires me to spend time outdoors, taking on various painting endeavors.

While paint requires warmth to dry effectively, excessively hot and humid summer days can spell disaster for your project. Spring, however, offers an optimal climate for home painting projects. To kick off the season, I’ve compiled some of my most popular spring-themed articles, featuring exciting DIY paint projects!

Spring serves as an ideal window for staining projects. The weather is pleasant enough to work outdoors, ensuring that any odor from staining remains away from your home. Additionally, the moderate temperatures prevent the stain from drying too quickly, which could result in an uneven, blotchy finish.

Now is the time to tackle staining projects! Among my most sought-after tutorials is the farmhouse fireplace project, offering detailed techniques applicable to various staining endeavors. Whether it’s your fireplace or any staining project, the guidance in this tutorial will empower you to achieve impressive results this spring season.

Staining a patio, or anything large, is always done best in the spring before temperatures get too high.  Check your local weather for rain before you begin, then grab your  broom and dust off your patio to restain your wood deck!  Learn before you begin what mistakes to avoid in this article:

Spruce up your patio with a new lounge chair, or outdoor storage bench. Would a new firepit be perfect for the upcoming summer nights?  Check out these spring yard tutorials all in one spot: 

Summer is full of soccer games, pool parties, family vacations and so much more.  Each year you think, next year we will upgrade our garage, but schedules fill up and before you know it, winter is here again.  Plan now to paint or stain your garage floor and seal it to protect your concrete.  Here is all the information you need: 

And don’t forget to research what NOT to do on your garage project here: 

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