Updating a dresser is one of my favorite things.  I love finding an old dresser or piece of furniture and transforming it into something amazing.  It is so fun to share this with other people when they see the sad old before, and the amazing new looking after photos.  Painting and refinishing furniture is so much fun.

And so much work.

If you go through all the sanding and painting and then have just an ..okay result it can be devastating.   There are 3 keys to updating a dresser, and they all need to be considered before you pick out your paint.  If you are going to repaint a dresser, take 3 minutes to learn how to do it correctly, and get a professional look!

1. Choose a Dresser That has a Current Style 

Many of the styles of dressers you see here on my site are styles of dressers that companies are making new, in an effort to duplicate the older styles of furniture from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.  Some of the styles of dressers I don’t recommend are the oak styles with rounded edges from the 90’s.  I have never seen those refinished and looking good, nothing can update that style.

However, a gorgeous, traditional dresser with legs and doors in the front, just needs some updating to look amazing.


2.  Do a Glossy or Smooth Finish Paint Job

When painting it, if you do an even, smooth finish, it will have more of the brand new look than distressing will give it.  Try a high gloss finish to give it an even newer look.

I do like some styles of distressing and glazing, but if you are going for a new, updated look, then a polished, sleek finish is best.


3. Replace the Hardware

There are many ways to find new hardware online for cheaper than you can find at Lowe’s or Home Depot.  Just search Amazon’s hardware, knobs and pulls section, they have thousands of styles and you can usually find them at a much lower price than your local hardware store can offer.   Below are some hardware pulls I’ve used and loved.

Find this one here

 and this pull can be found here

and a 10 pack of these pulls can be found here

4. Modern Repaint

This 70’s dresser screams modern with the geometric paint job. Sometimes painting drawers different colors, or using angles in our decor elevates the furniture. It is a simple way to bring new life to your dresser.

modern paint look

5. Give it a NEW use!

Dressers don’t have to be in the bedroom. They don’t need to hold clothes. They can be a side table in your family room, a shoe drawer in your mud room or a computer desk in your study. Think outside the box, and give your furniture a new job!

update dresser

BONUS: Antique it

One more idea is that you can embrace the age of the furniture and repaint it and exaggerate the vintage feel. Antique is the new trend, so jump on board! For details on antiquing styles read this article here.

white dresser makeover

Don’t you love how this old dresser turned out? Grab your keys and hit that flea market, there is something that needs a new home in your life!

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