Painting your garage floor is a great way to protect it from oil and fluid drips from your car.  If your garage is cleaner and the quality of your home goes up.  You track less dirt into your home, and it is a huge selling point for homeowners.  There are several reasons why painting your garage floor is now the standard for all upscale homes.  Here is some information as you tackle this project DIY style!

Many different paints can do the job, you need to pick the one best for your situation.

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Masonry Paint

This type of paint is great for concrete garage floors because it is thicker than other types of paint and will expand and contract with the concrete instead of cracking and peeling. There are many brands that carry it, including Behr.

Masonry paint however is only for those who are painting their garage for a low traffic use, such as a storage space, or a laundry room.  When hot tires roll over masonry paint the rubber will react with the resin.  Masonry paint won’t withstand abuse from road salt, extreme temperature, etc.  If extending your home using your garage for living areas is your goal, then this paint will be just what you need.


Epoxy Paint

If you are looking to completely change the look of your floor, Epoxy is a great choice. There are lots of different finishes available that will completely transform the look of your concrete. The application is a little more complex than just painting it, but the finish is durable and shouldn’t need to be reapplied.  You garage floor will need to be acid etched or grinded first to get a smooth unsoiled surface.

Waterborne Amine Epoxy is made to withstand gasoline, oil, salt, and other abrasions.  This low odor product creates a hard scratch-resistant coating that will stand the test of time.

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Rust Bullet Paint

Rust Bullet paint claims to be able to do everything epoxy does, without all the prep work. Rust Bullet is thin, and so it can be sprayed on, like a stain.  IT has polyurethane in it to give it a durable finished product.  IT is scratch resistance, can withstand heat (hot tires), is water proof, and easy to maintain and clean.  This paint only comes in a metallic gray and white.  This produces strong fumes, and you will need a respirator while using.  Rust Bullet is also almost 2 times more expensive than traditional epoxy paint.

Concrete Stain

Similar to wood stain, concrete stain is long lasting and durable. It is easy to apply (you spray it on), and will last for years. However, the floor will still feel like concrete and stain may not cover up oil and fluid stains.


Once you have decided on the look you want to learn how to apply your paint best:  How to Paint Your Garage Floor.

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Types of paint to use on your garage floor