There are quite a few different kinds of plastic paints on the market.  They vary in quality.  Here are some of the best plastic paints I’ve found:

Best paints for plastic furnitureIf you plan to paint your plastic indoor or outdoor furniture, there are a lot of new formulas out in the last decade that make painting plastic furniture, trash cans, accessories, anything, even more doable than ever.

Plastic Primers

If you plan to use a plastic that is not made especially for painting on plastic, then I would use one of the following primers: Valspar Plastic Primer (Lowes) , Rustoleum Plastic Primer (Home Depot & Lowes), Krylon Plastic Primer (Walmart, ACE Hardware).

Paints Specifically Made To Adhere to Plastic

Here are some spray paints that were formulated specifically for painting plastic:
Krylon Fusion – This is a paint and primer combo, designed to adhere to plastic, so no primer is needed. Krylon Fusion has a large color selection.  They have 36 colors to choose from! Here is just a few.

Rust Oleum Specialty Paint For Plastic

This paint is also formulated to adhere to plastic.  No primer needed.  They have 11 colors available.
Valspar Plastic Spray Paints- Valspar also has a great line of plastic spray paints.  This is a great quality paint, but only 9 colors to choose from
If you are picky about the color you want, I would suggest checking out the color selections of each before you visit the store and see who has the shade closest to what you want.  If you would like to use a color that is not available as a plastic paint, no worries, just use a plastic primer before you paint and then you can use any color or type of paint you want!