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Aug 28, 2021

11 Fall Front Porch Decor Ideas

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Christmas lights are great, but Halloween is where the outside of your home really steals the show. October is the perfect time for fabulous Halloween outdoor decor as the nights get longer and trick or treaters start to scope out the best route.

I have to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of blood and guts and graveyards on my front lawn. Something about that type of décor just makes me cringe inside. Plus, I don’t want to have to step over dead bodies every time I bring the groceries in.

My style of home and yard décor for Halloween is big, bold, beautiful, and full of pumpkins. Whether you’re an avid Halloween decorator, of you’re just starting out and you haven’t decided how to begin, we’ve got you covered. These simple Halloween home and yard décor ideas transform your home into an enchanting and only somewhat spooky landscape.

This pumpkin arch has my whole heart. These are pre-made jack-o-lanterns from home décor, hobby, and the dollar store. It might take me several years to save up this many (and who knows where I’d store them), but this arch is definitely on my décor bucket list.

halloween decor

pumpkin arch tutorial

Save a few twigs from your fall pruning and use them in your Halloween décor. I love this porch because it’s classically spooky. The twisted branches and black crows give the perfect Halloween setting.  It is simple, easy, and looks great win-win!

fall yard decor

Of course, you need a Halloween wreath, and this is a good spot to get a little scary. This wreath is the perfect combination of creepy and classy. Again this one is simple!  Get an old book, and paint the edge of each paper.  Roll them and with hot glue and print out a skull image- walla! 

halloween skull wreath

wreath tutorial

Hanging witch’s hats is one of my favorite ways to transform the entire porch. There is such elegants about the simplicity of the shape and the color. A few hats and a little fishing line is all it takes to give the illusion of floating hats and magic spells.

floating witch hats

How to make a floating hat

Those witch hats would look beautiful with a white out halloween theme! Farmhouses are perfect for fall and these pumpkins match beautifully to any farmhouse home! this beautiful porch was created by Pioneer Woman! Thanks for the beautiful inspiration!

I love this farmhouse fall decor. You really can never have too many pumpkins. That’s not a thing. Pumpkin overload is the name of the game here. All different shapes, styles, and sizes mixed with a few fall mums. I also love the idea of a giant printable on the porch, genius!

fall decor for home

Who says the wreath has to be on the door, it doesn’t. Enjoy a wreath on the shutters instead. This rustic bench and old treasure chest give a great backdrop to a more elegant fall porch.

autumn home decor

Don’t toss the leftovers from harvest season, they make great tall décor for your front porch. If you don’t have a garden of your own, contact friends or family or even local farmers who might be willing to let you have a few stalks to take home.

fall porch decor

I love crates. I love white crates even more. This is such a darling pumpkin display, and the wooden signs on the wall pull it all together.

autumn home decor ideas with shelving on porch

Remember how I said you really can’t have enough pumpkins? It’s true. Take it beyond the porch, down the stairs and all the way to the street. Looking to make a statement without a zombie on your lawn? Mission accomplished.

fall yard decor pumpkin decor

Black and White checkered pattern is all the rage this fall year! It will be found on many front porches because of its beauty and simplicity. Grab a few pumpkins and a doormat to assemble these welcoming checkered porch!

Halloween is here soon, and your front porch is the spotlight of the season! Learn how to decorate for fall this year!
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