Looking for somewhere to sit down and take off your shoes?

Need a place to set down your bag when you walk in the house?

We’ve got you covered.

Whether you have a grand foyer or no entryway at all, these easy entryway bench tutorials give you the opportunity to create both function and beautiful design. Creating an entry is all about defining your space. Having a bench in the entryway defines the space with both purpose and style.

Best of all, you don’t need to have expert carpentry skills or hire a contractor to get the job done. A trip to the hardware store and a little DIY time will have a beautiful entryway bench ready to take care of all your comings and goings.

Sleek and simple is what makes this bench picture perfect. With clean lines and a narrow footprint, this is ideal for homes with a narrow entry and not a lot of extra space. Best of all, you can make this bench yourself in just a few hours and use either paint or stain to make it all your own.

Entry bench tutorials

sleek and simple bench tutorial

If you’re looking for something a little more substantial. This entryway bench and mudroom combination have everything you want. Storage, seating, and more storage make this perfect. Best of all, it comes with a step by step tutorial that makes it completely doable.

Entryway bench tutorials

entryway and mudroom bench tutorial

We all love a good upcycle, and this is one of the best I’ve seen. An old dresser with a missing drawer completely transformed into a gorgeous bench with excellent storage. This definitely takes some time and patience, but clearly the results are worth it.

Change a dresser into a bench by removing drawers and adding a seating area

Upcycled bench tutorial

Sometimes small and simple is the best solution. This entryway bench is perfect for an apartment or condo with basically no entryway at all. It gives you everything you need in the perfect package.

Small simple bench made of wood

Apartment Bench

Loving the farmhouse look? We are too. This is one of my favorite benches of all time. I love the simplicity, the decorate legs, the planked top, it’s everything we want and more.

farmhouse style bench wood with white

Farmhouse Bench Tutorial

Hello storage! For busy families, this is a must-have. Plenty of cubby space for shoes, bags, and everything else. It keeps the busiest area of your home clean and tidy.

Entry Bench with Storage Tutorial

This modern bench is an absolute stunning option that uses a plank board, beam, old door, barn wood, or any other type of surface. Simply add two modern metal sets of legs and you’re ready to have a seat.  

simple entry bench DIY

Modern Bench Tutorial

This entryway bench has it all. Storage, seating, hanging space, and style. It’s a classic rustic chic look that defines your space beautifully. The ladies at Shanty 2 Chic give you a full tutorial with all the help you need to make this dream a reality.

DIY bench tutorials for home

Shant 2 Chic Bench Tutorial