3. Spray Paint – Besides using a paint spray, painting with an aerosol can is my 2nd choice. The advantages to spraying paint from an aerosol can is that it’s fast and with even strokes, can produce a very smooth, even finish. One downside to using spray paint is that sometimes the surface can have a blotchy finish, especially with large surface areas. Also, compared to using a paint sprayer, spray paint has a relatively small spray pattern, really only 3-4 inches, so it takes longer to spray a large piece than it would with a pro paint sprayer. Also, spray paint can get expensive. Spray cans don’t contain much paint and some of it ends up wasted, off of the piece. I’ve used upwards of 12 cans of spray paint for large piece of furniture. That can mean $50-60 in paint costs, which is expensive considering using a brush would cost probably $10 in paint to paint the same piece of furniture.

4. Paint Sprayer – This is my preferred way to paint furniture. The disadvantages to using a paint sprayer is first, that a paint sprayer can be costly and it can be difficult to choose which one will best suit your needs. Also, there is a bit of a learning curve to using a paint sprayer for the first time. This can be a real deterrent for most people. If you are intimidating by using a paint sprayer, then maybe start with spray paint and go from there. The advantages to using a paint sprayer though are that you can get a smooth, factory looking finish VERY quickly. I mean, like 10 minutes. So, once you do get past the cost and the learning curve. In my opinion, it’s definitely worth it. But, it’s not for everyone. I have met many people who enjoy painting furniture with a good, quality brush and their work turns out beautifully!