Are you faced with surplus stock cabinets after a kitchen or bathroom remodel, and you’re not sure what to do with them? Fear not! Whether you already have cabinets waiting to be repurposed or need to pick up a few from your local hardware store, there’s a world of creative possibilities waiting for you. Let’s dive into some fantastic ideas, and to make it even more exciting, we’re going to do it with a delightful DIY female voice!

Padded Bench 

Transform your cabinets into a customized padded bench. Choose your favorite knobs, a fabric that suits your style, and paint or stain that complements your decor. Opt for cabinets of varying sizes – those designed for above the refrigerator work great. Add molding and furniture feet, and craft a comfy seat using particle board or plywood. Enhance the comfort by gluing a piece of foam onto the seat, covered with batting and fabric.

For inspiration, check out this amazing example from Lowe’s!



Dismantle a cabinet to create the back of a unique shelf. Utilize cabinet wood for the shelf and sides, and add hooks to transform it into a stylish coat rack. Or mount the entire cabinet to be used as a cabinet and a shelf like in this example. The chicken wire over the front, allows the contents to be more of a display and give you area to add unique decor to the room.

Flip Down Sideboard

Inventive and space-saving, this idea involves using a single cabinet as a quick counter and storage area. Perfect for outdoor use or a basement room.  Here is a great example:


Buffet  Table

Avoid the high cost of dining room buffets by building your own. With 3-4 stock base cabinets, molding, furniture feet, and knobs, you can craft a beautiful buffet with ample storage for dishware and linens. Customize it with your choice of molding, feet, and a paint or stain finish.

Discover a farmhouse-style buffet table for inspiration from Shanty Chic!

Base cabinets will give you a drawer on the top and a large cabinet on the bottom for plenty of storage for your dishware and table linens. There are so many personal touches you can add to this project, such as the type of molding and feet you use, as well as the ability to paint or stain it to be the perfect addition to your dining room or kitchen.  




Shanty chic created a similar project here:


Child Play Kitchen Set

Give your kids a play kitchen using the extra cabinets. Save money and be a fantastic parent – a win-win situation! Pinterest offers many DIY play kitchen ideas. Here’s a detailed tutorial to get you started!

discover exciting ways to repurpose cabinets, from creating a padded bench to crafting a charming child's play kitchen set.


Wall Clock

Create a simple farmhouse-style clock using a cabinet door. With clock kits available at craft stores, paint the cabinet and drill the center hole. Assembling the clock takes just minutes!


Child’s Table

Make your child’s play area special with a custom table using a cabinet door as the star. Add feet from your local hardware store, and use existing cabinet wood to craft a unique space for your budding artist or Lego creator.

See this tutorial for more inspiration!



Chalkboard Board

Opt for a straightforward makeover by transforming a cabinet door into a chalkboard. Use it for a menu, family schedule, to-do list, or seasonal decor. Let your creativity shine with this simple yet effective idea. You could keep the cupboard intact and just add a chalkboard front, like this bathroom cabinet:

discover exciting ways to repurpose cabinets, from creating a padded bench to crafting a charming child's play kitchen set.

Repurpose as a Garden Workstation

If you’re an avid gardener, repurpose stock cabinets into a convenient garden workstation. Equip it with hooks for your gardening tools, a designated space for potting soil, and ample storage for seeds, gloves, and more. This DIY garden station will not only organize your gardening essentials but also add charm to your outdoor space.

discover exciting ways to repurpose cabinets, from creating a padded bench to crafting a charming child's play kitchen set.

Remember, before you consider tossing those stock cabinets, think of the beauty they can bring to your home through these creative DIY projects. Best of luck with your endeavors! If you love these ideas, don’t forget to pin them for future inspiration!  

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