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Sep 6, 2017

10 Things You Should NEVER Paint

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We all love a good DIY project, and we know that paint can transform anything but that doesn’t necessarily mean it should transform anything.  There are a few things around the house that are best left untouched. Despite your urge to add a splash of color, keep your spray-paint trigger finger away from these common household items that you should NEVER paint.

Your Kitchen Aid

If you want to spruce up a plain Kitchen Aid or other mixer, you can add vinyl decals to the top and sides, but do not paint her. Kitchen mixers of any brand have lots of moving parts which can be damaged by paint. You also don’t want to risk even small chips of paint coming off into your famous chocolate chip cookies now do you?

Pots and Pans

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Rusty pots and pans are screaming for a makeover, and that Teflon spray at the store seems tempting, but resist the urge to ever paint your pots and pans. It is not safe or healthy because you risk adding toxic chemicals to any food you are preparing. At the first sign of peeling paint, toss the pan completely. If stainless pans are rusting or showing signs of age, give them a heavy duty cleaning with steel wool and Bar Keepers Friend or other similar cleaning product and you’ll be amazed at the difference.


They make phone cases and ipad skins in every color under the sun, and for good reason: they are not to be painted. If you want your electronics to have a splash of color, buy a cover, skin, vinyl decal, or even a sticker. Don’t go near electronics with paint – you’ll likely ruin the product and void the warranty.

Your Oven

Colorful appliances are a new trend popping up all over Pinterest. A yellow oven or teal fridge sounds like a great idea, but remember that ordinary indoor paint is not heat resistant. That means it will likely crack, peel, or even melt right off your oven surface. This also applies to barbeque grills. A good cleaning will get them looking better than a failed DIY attempt.


There are so many tutorials promising you a new couch with just little paint.  Don’t fall for it.  Fabric soaks up paint making this project not only last days of coat upon coat, but it is an expensive mistake.  What are the end results?  A couch that feels like sandpaper, that is until the paint has rubbed off.  Sadly any fabric furniture (benches, chairs) will have the same results. Never paint a couch.

The Piano

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As a pianist, it pains me to see a beautiful piano that is covered in paint. Dark, dated wood might not match your bright and modern décor, but paint on a piano will likely ruin the sound in a way it will never recover from. If you don’t like the look of the old family piano, sell it for a modern keyboard, but don’t paint it.


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You should never paint anything that comes in contact with your food or your mouth.  This sounds reasonable, but there are many pinterest articles claiming this is the next way to brighten up your kitchen.  You don’t want to risk any chemicals or chemical residue getting into your food. Even handles of the silverware or serving pieces shouldn’t be painted to avoid flecks of paint joining the dinner table. 

Bathroom Tile

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Painting tile is a viable option for updating outdated flooring, but bathroom tile is tricky because it’s under so much moisture throughout the day. If you must paint the tile, use an epoxy acrylic formula that resists corrosion due to humidity.  Have you had a DIY disaster?  We all have, lets commiserate!  Comment below what you have learned from your DIY painting mistakes!

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