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May 14, 2014

Save time painting furniture

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 DIY projects are so  much fun.  I love the planning phase, where my creative juices are flowing, and getting the supplies is like Christmas for me.  The time I have however, is limited and I don’t like being rushed.  So how can you save time when paint furniture?   There is one thing you can do that will at least cut your work time in half!


No this is not too good to be true, welcome to spray on primer!  

time-in-half-1Sometimes people forget, when brushing on the first coat of paint, that no one will ever see it. It saves so much time to use spray primer, Cover Stain and BIN are great primer paints for furniture that come in spray cans. I usually need 1-2 cans per piece, depending on size. Remember the primer needs to cover the entire project but doesn’t need to be thick, seeing a thin haze of the wood is okay.  The primer is there to seal the wood from the paint.  time-in-half-2

Now not only did you just do your first coat in paint at a fraction of the time, but it is going to dry twice as fast as traditional paint. Spray paint also give you a smooth surface to start painting on.  I hope this helps you save time on your next furniture makeover project.  

1 Tip to Cut Your Furniture Painting Time in Half
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