Patio furniture allows your backyard to become more than a plot of grass, it becomes an outdoor living space, a venue for parties, an oasis, and extends your home.  The price tag of patio furniture however can halt us in our dreams of entertaining friends on the regular.  Here is where I can help.

Regular wooden furniture makes great outdoor patio furniture.  All you need to do is treat your wood for outdoor use first so that it does not crack, mold or warp.  Treat your sanded-down furniture with linseed or Tung oil. Once that has full tried (24hours) paint your furniture however you’d like, and then give it a varnish or polyurethane topcoat to seal the wood.  Make sure to get all the corners and edges completely.  

If you don’t have old furniture, remember that you can get great deals online from used websites like Craig’s list. Check out these great projects that enhanced backyards, extending their living space and relaxing hours. 

#1- I love this kitchen hutch changed to an outdoor station.  I love that it has a much-needed trash can incorporated in the bottom, as well as the menu that is great for entertaining. 

#2-This kitchen island has turned into a short portable buffet.  Adding wheels to any of your outdoor furniture allows you to move them in the wintertime, as well as change party flows.  I love the hooks on the side, you could store BBQ utensils along that side as well.  

#3 This example didn’t use furniture, but large steel drums.  If you ever come across these barrels, repurpose them!  They are very expensive to start with, and so once they have no use, converting them to chairs is just pure genius.  I love the bright colors they used in both examples, as they scream “summer is here!”

#4 Have an old boat?  You know that one that is broken down on the side of your yard, that you meant to get fixed years ago?  It is still there.  Why not convert it into a bench!  This not only saves money but would be the anchor point of any lake or ocean-themed yardscape.   Don’t need a bench?  Plant flowers at the bottom of the boat!

#5- Crates were huge in the early 2000’s…and that home decor item isn’t coming back in style anytime soon.  Planter boxes are though!  I love how they used crates to create an asymmetrical wall of plants!  It looks stunning. 

#6- No longer have babies? Take a baby changing station and convert it to an outdoor sink! This homeowner tiled the top, as well as created a functional sink, using existing hose lines.  This would be a great addition to any gardener who wants to clean vegetables easily, avoiding dragging them to the indoor kitchen sink.

#7- No more bending over to pot flowers!  This dresser is beautiful in so many ways.  I adore the color, and the gold handles.  The pegboard that replaced the mirror creates a gorgeous way to organize garden tools. 

#8- Dressers are by far the most convertible furniture.  Did you know that you don’t need to use all the drawers?  Check out this repurposed outdoor buffet.  The owner removed the two lower drawers and added boards in the existing frame to make shelves.  Add a much-needed paper towel holder on the end, and now you are ready to barbecue.

9#- This blue dresser is a simple way of repurposing furniture into a container garden.  Once the wood has been treated, simply add dirt and plant your favorites.  Remember to give each drawer drainage holes to maintain healthy roots.  

#10 Who needs a drink?  With this repurposed hutch there is on walking in and out and slipping half the drink on your way back.  Drinks are easily available with this makeover. There is so much working space in such a small piece of furniture. Add a blender to the top of this and I am ready!  

DIY Patio furniture is the best way to save money. Repurpose old furniture for a new purpose, with these great ideas!