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Jan 29, 2014

Techniques For Chalk Paint

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  Use a Fine Detail Paint Brush

In order to keep the paint from dripping and pooling up in the corners of the details and beveled corners, I use a fine detail brush.  I buy a package of 10 brushes from Michael’s Crafts (around 7 dollars with a coupon).  They are the kind of brushes you would use to do a painting.  This will help you get in the cracks of the details to even out the paint.


 With the Second Coat Use a High Quality Paint Brush

Two or 2  1/2 inches is a great size to start with. Use good paint brush brands such as Purdy & Wooster. If you are using chalk paint, that is a good size that will fit in the can, otherwise, with a bigger brush, you’ll have to pour the paint into a new container, also, it’s harder for me to get detail painted evenly with a brush that is too big. But, it depends on what you like.

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Techniques for using chalk paint with a paint brush

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