Start with gentle stain removing techniques, and then you can get aggressive if necessary. Blot or scrape off as much paint as possible and run the spot under running water. Treat with equal parts of dishwashing liquid and warm water using a sponge. Use your everyday laundry stain remover and wash, but don’t dry. If that doesn’t work, move on to a more aggressive method.  Beware that sometimes these methods may take the dye out of your clothing, or damage the fabric itself. If you are prepared to risk it, give it a try.

  • Rubbing Alcohol

     Apply a few drops to a damp cloth and try removing the paint residue by gently rubbing. You can also try a toothbrush if the cloth doesn’t work.

  • Commercial Paint Removers

    Oops! and Goof Off may remove the stain, but may also damage or chance the tint of fabrics.

  • Hand Sanitizer

    Because it contains both alcohol and detergent, it might knock out many types of stains.paint-jeans

Latex paint should be dealt with as soon as possible.  Oil-based paint, it is usually easier to let it dry before you attempt to wash it out with a solvent like paint thinner or turpentine.

After your stain is removed, wash the garment like normal. If you’re lucky – you can save your favorite top from the grubby clothing drawer of demise. I hope you were able to remove paint from clothes you once loved and adored.  

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