You can give your outdoor furniture a facelift by painting it!  However, there are a few things you need to know before you start.  This will make certain that you don’t have to redo your paint job over and over again.

You need to sand down or remove all peeling wood or rust.  Whether you are painting wood furniture or metal, it’s very important to remove all loose debris.  If the wood or veneer is starting to peel off or can be chipped off easily, make sure you sand down past all the chipped or peeling wood so that you have a durable, smooth surface to paint.

If the furniture is a type of plastic or laminate, make sure that the laminate coating is adhering well to the piece and is not starting to peel away from it.  If it’s only peeling away in a few places, you can glue it down and move on.  If the laminate is peeling away from the piece in lots of places, I don’t think it’s worth saving or painting.



Check  for Mold.  If the wood has mold or mildew, you will need to prepare the surface with a mold or mildew cleaner that is designed for wood.  There are some available at your local hardware store.  When your picking out your paint use an exterior paint.  Exterior paints do have different formula than interior, so although exterior can me more expensive it is worth it in keeping your project looking beautiful while exposed to the elements.


For extra durability use a clear coat.   If you want to extend the life of your paint job, apply a good exterior clear coat to your piece after the 2nd coat of paint.  This will give your piece more durability and help it to stay looking nice for years even with rain and other weather conditions.


What To Know Before Painting Outdoor Furniture