Sometimes when I’m refinishing a piece, I need the knobs to be a certain color or to match the piece I’m working on.  My husband came up with a great system for doing this so that the knobs are suspended in the air and easy to spray without having to worry about them touching anything.knobs

You’ll need:

A large block of foam core board – I got mine from Home depot, I think it’s 4″ thick and about 2′ x 4′. It’s back in the lumber area, in the back of the warehouse.  I can’t remember exactly how much the foam board cost, I think it was around $5-$10.

 A package of skewer sticks – You can pick these up at a hardware store or any grocery store.  They are usually only about $2 per package.

 Just stick the skewers into the foam and put the knobs or pulls on the end of the skewers and spray away!

Here are some pictures of my setup.  You can see how I broke some of the skewers in half.  With the knobs pictured below, I sprayed them first with an aerosol can of cover stain primer, then I actually dipped them in the paint I was going to use, just to make sure I got a smooth finish.  I would have sprayed them with an aerosol can, but I needed the knobs to be a specific color.