Spring is the perfect time to make small improvements to your home. Spring is a time for bright colors and new growth, and that doesn’t have to be just outside.  Before you start adding home decor, make sure you have a blank canvas first.  Spring cleaning and reducing existing home decor is key in having a clean spring feel to your home decor.  Once you have a place to work with, consider these fun tips to bring the feeling of spring into your home this year!  


Lemons have always found their place in kitchens, due to their bright colors, soft leaves, and cheery disposition.  Springtime is just the season to add a lemon wreath above your range, lemon garland over a window, or a lemon topiary on a kitchen countertop.  This morning coffee area has woken up this spring with adorable lemon decor.  I just love the lemon wreath.


The green in spring is what reminds us of new growth and gives us a taste of the warm summers to come.  Adding green to your home decor also helps elevate stress and promotes calm feelings.  Who doesn’t need that in tax season?  I love the following two examples of adding natural grasses indoors. 

Here an artificial grass mat is a perfect background for Easter decor.  Real grass, such as wheatgrass can grow quickly and create beautiful centerpieces like these below. 


Moss is a huge spring home decor element this year.  There are so many adorable creatures covered in moss in any Hobby Lobby or craft store in America.  These faux moss creatures last for years and are easily placed on mantels, side tables, shelves or kitchen centerpieces.  Check out these fun placement ideas for your moss creatures. 


Spring is all about the flowers, which brings us an array of beautiful soft colors.  Check out these beautiful spring kitchens as they use color as their main focus to set the mood of the room. 


Tulips are the champion flower of spring.  They come in so many colors and are minimalistic by nature.  Simply add these to a vase or make a statement with a dramatic wreath. 


Nothing screams new life like robin’s eggs at Easter time.  Little birds chirping is the sound linked to new starts, warm sun, cool grass, and memories to be made.  Consider adding nests, birdhouses, birds, and eggs to your home decor. 

Here are a few beautiful examples to get your creative juices going. 

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Spring is the perfect time to make small improvements to your home decor