As you might know from some of my other articles, I am a big fan of using a paint sprayer, but I realize that that’s not practical for many people who only want to paint a furniture piece or two every once in a great while. As an alternative to using a paint sprayer, spray painting furniture has a lot of benefits over using a paint brush in my opinion.  Here are some of the main benefits of using spray paint on furniture:

Time Saved – There is no comparison, in my opinion, to the amount of time and energy saved when painting furniture with spray paint, as opposed to painting with a paint brush. I do a coat of spray paint on a small piece of furniture with spray paint in roughly 10-20 minutes. I know it takes MUCH longer than that with a paint brush.

No Brush Strokes – Getting in and around beveled edges or designs in the wood with a paint brush can be tricky to accomplish without showing brush strokes. Of course there are techniques you can use to do this, but it’s much easier in my opinion to just spray with spray paint than to work with a paint brush.

Less Mess – Although you will get a little overspray with spray paint, all that you need to do for that is just lay down a drop cloth. Other than that, you spray, through the can away and there’s really no mess to clean up. If I’m spray painting a little piece in my garage, I usually don’t even put on my painting clothes. To do a coat of paint, I just walk into the garage, spray and throw the can away and walk out.

More Colors to Choose From Than in The Past – Although, of course you won’t have quite the color selection with spray paint as you will with paint in a can, there are many more colors to choose from in spray paint than there used to be 10+ years ago. There are quite a few brands that make spray paint now that each have their own color selection like Valspar, Krylon, Rustoleum and more.