We’ve received lots of questions about how MudPaint compares to Milk Paint. Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint is a completely different type of paint than Mudpaint. She has a great product, but it’s very different from Mudpaint. Here are some of the main differences:

Mudpaint is mixed & ready to paint
Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint comes in packets of powder that need to be mixed with water in order to begin painting. Once mixed, they can be applied to furniture, but MMS Milk Paint needs to be mixed in a blender designated for paint only. It takes some experimenting to get the right consitancy for the look you are going for. Mudpaint has a creamy base with earthy ingredients that give it an ‘antiquey’ texture and comes ready to paint.

Milk paint is a very thin paint. It lacks the protective, adhesive & durability qualities that Mudpaint has with a high quality acrylic base. Milk paint is designed to have a chippy look, Mudpaint is designed to go on smooth and give complete coverage without chipping or cracking.

Milk paint has a watery texture, since it is a combination of powder and water. Mudpaint has a creamier texture and goes on thicker.

Paint Sprayers
Both paints can be used in a paint sprayer after being thinned with water. Milk paint can gum up a sprayer if there are still clumps of powder in the mixture.

Both paints have good coverage. Mudpaint users rave about how great the coverage is and how many pieces they are able to get out of one can. One woman stated she painted a nightstand with only 1/10th of a quart!

Clear Coating – Finish Coats
Both paints can take a wax or water based clear coat like polyurethane or polycrylic.

Bottom Line
Milk Paint is designed for a thin, chippy look or finish. Sometimes it acts more like a stain than a paint. The process of making Milk Paint and applying it is more complicated and labor intensive than Mudpaint. MudPaint is an ‘open the can and paint’ type product. MudPaint is creamier, thicker and designer for a smoother, longer lasting look.

For more information about MudPaint visit: MudPaint.com