For those of you have haven’t painted furniture with MudPaint yet, here are some of the main things to know about using it:

1. How Many Pieces Can I Paint From One Quart? Depending on the size of the piece, you may be able to get as many as 5-8 nightstand sized pieces out of it, if you only need one coat.  If you are doing dresser sized pieces, you may be able to get 2-4 pieces out of one quart.

2.  To Prime or Not to Prime – Whether you use a primer before painting your furniture with Mudpaint depends on the piece.  Most pieces that are at least somewhat rough and porous don’t need any kind of primer before painting.  Mudpaint does have adhesion to it.  However, if your piece is slick, shiny or super smooth, it may have some type of finish on it or a surface that isn’t porous enough for the paint to adhere to.  If you are unsure, try a test area in an inconspicuous place.

3. Should I Sand Between Coats?  You may only need one coat of paint if you are going for a distressed look.  If you need 2 coats and want a super smooth surface, you should sand a little between coats.

4. What Type of Paintbrush Should I use? Any paint brush that works for a water based, acrylic or latex paint will work fine.  We recommend an angled tip for getting into corners.  Also, make sure you use a high quality paintbrush in order to avoid showing brush marks.

5. Custom Colors? If you are looking to make your own unique color, the best way to do that is to experiment with mixing existing paint colors. You may want to do your experimenting with sample sizes before you order.  15 colors are available for sale on so you should be able to make just about any earthy color by mixing the existing colors.

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