There are lots of creative ways to use chalkboard paint and many people don’t realize that chalkboard paint can be used on glass items as well. Here are the basic steps for painting glass with chalkboard paint (not to be confused with Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint)


How to Use Chalkboard Paint on Glass

Many people do not realize that you can use chalkboard paint on glass.  Wine glasses, mirrored trays, jars, bottles, it’s all fair game!  There are lots of ways to use chalkboard paint on glass to create home decor accessories.

Here are some of the basics of using chalkboard paint on glass:

1. Prime First – I used a spray primer that I like for glass and metal.  It’s Rustoleum Professional Primer in a silver/gray can.  This primer is a quick drying primer, so after a thorough spraying, about 15-30 minutes later it’s ready to be painted.  There are other primers that are especially designed for use on glass and metal.  Those should work well too.  Primer is crucial when painting glass with any type of paint.  Without primer, over time, the paint will just peel off.

2.  Spray-On or Brush On? – If possible, i always prefer to spray on paint as opposed to painting with a paint brush.  I tried painting the chalkboard paint onto a bottle and it was a drippy mess.  I had to pretty much start over and use a chalkboard spray paint.  That worked 100 times better.  It was smooth and dried quickly.  I would do about 2-4 coats of paint and let each coat dry as long as the can says to, in between coats.

Final Step – Once you have applied the last coat of paint, I would let the paint dry for at least 24 hours before you attempt to write on it with chalk.

The only thing I noticed about writing on chalkboard paint, is that it’s hard to get the chalk lines to show up well at first.  I had to do a little research and then figured out that you need to rub the whole surface with the side of the piece of chalk, let it sit there for about 15 minutes and then rub it off with a dry towel.  This will help the chalk to show up when you write on it afterward.  If it doesn’t work, try it a few times.