Here are some tips on how to paint knobs and hardware, the easy way. Knobs and hardware can be tricky things to paint when done incorrectly. Paint can peel off and it can be a real mess.knobshardware2

Step 1. Clean – Make sure you thoroughly clean the knobs and/or pulls in soapy, clean water and rinse them thoroughly. You can also clean them with Windex. You just want to make sure to remove any oils that might make it difficult for paint to adhere.  There are some solutions you can buy to clean hardware, but I always just use soap and water or Windex.

Step 2. Prime – With all furniture hardware, I would recommend priming the hardware first, unless you plan on using a spray paint that is self-priming. I recommend Rustoleums metal primer.  1 coat of primer should be sufficient and then I would wait about 30 minutes to an hour to start painting.  You can test the readiness by touching the primer and when it’s totally dry, you are ready to paint.

Step 3. Spray Paint – There are lots of different colors and finishes to choose from with Krylon, Valspar and Rustoleum brands. I would definitely recommend spray paint over painting knobs with a brush. You can paint with a brush, if you want the rustic, distressed look, but it’s difficult to get a polished clean look with a brush. Also, here’s a tutorial on how to suspend knobs in the air for spraying.

Step 4. Spray at Another Angle – If you are spraying a pull that hangs down, you’ll want to flip it the other way and spray again, you may want to place a little wax paper between it and the other side of the metal, so that it doesn’t stick to itself.  Spray again and then you’re done!