There are a few ways to vary the sheen and finish of “duck egg blue” Annie Sloan chalk paint.  It’s a very popular color and it looks great, but if you wonder what different finishes will look like, here are some samples to look at.  I sanded each one until the white underneath showed through, just to add some texture.

I’ll describe the samples in the picture, going from top to bottom:

1. Whitewash – This is the duck egg blue paint with a whitewash/glaze mixture over the top.  The glaze mixture is half white paint and half Martha Stewarts antiquing glaze.

2. Clear Coat Wax – This sample has only the clear wax over the top.

3. Clear Wax + Dark Wax – This sample has one coat of clear wax and tinted with Annie Sloan’s dark wax. The dark wax was of course wiped off, so its not an even coat, but more streaked on.

4.  Black Glaze – I  used a mixture of half Martha Stewart Antique Glaze and half latex black paint.