Yes, you can paint wood floors. It’s a great way to give old worn out wood floors a facelift cheaply!

painting wood floors

Here are some great paints for using on wood floors:

Benjamin Porch & Floor – This is a great oil based paint if you are willing to paint with oils. Clean up would require mineral spirits instead of water. Oil based paint also is strong smelling until it dries. But, oil based paint is very durable.

Benjamin Moore Latex Floor and Patio Enamel – This is also a great and durable paint. It is water based, so you can thin the paint with water and clean up the paint mess with water and soap. One coat should be enough to cover the surface.

Marine Paint- Marine paint is extremely durable with not only foot traffic but water, spills, etc. It’s designed to withstand time in the sunlight, rain and all the other wear and tear outside weather can bring. It’s a great choice for floors too. This is a GREAT choice for painting bathroom floors. It’s made for boats and decks.

Sherwin-Williams Porch & Floor Enamel- Sherwin-Williams makes a great floor paint that is very durable.  They have a water based paint so clean up is easy.

Valspar Porch and Floor – Valspar has a 2 types of porch and floor paint.  One is latex (water based) and the other is an oil paint.  Like I mentioned earlier.  There are pros and cons to both.  This porch and floor paint will produce a hard, durable finish.
With the glazes and finishes available today, you can get almost any look you want with a painted floor.