This year I am more thankful than ever to be an American! I feel so blessed to be born in this country and I am ready to decorate my home in the red white and blue! The following patriotic home decor will remind your family how great this nation is!

Now before we begin, let’s have a little USA flag etiquette review:

The United States flag is a symbol of the nation’s unity, history, and ideals. It is important that the flag be treated with dignity and respect. The following are some guidelines for displaying the flag:

– The flag should never be allowed to touch the ground or a surface. This includes flags printed on napkins, table cloths, etc. These are a huge no-no, instead, use red napkins or star napkins at your next picnic. Avoid printed flags on any materials or decor, especially something you wipe your mouth with and discard.

– The USA flag should be treated with respect and care. Many people wear patriotic swimsuits, pants, and shirts, if the whole flag is printed on the fabric, this is disrespectful. Think ahead when you head to the Old Navy and purchase a flag shirt, and opt for a solid blue or red shirt, with accents of white.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get inspired with these beautiful Patriotic home decor ideas!  

What screams american more than Ball jars?  These jars side by side, make me giggle and remind me of Pollyanna, when she wore a similar costume at a 4th of July celebration.  These jars would make a great centerpiece or side table decor and bring in the beauty of nature with fresh flowers.  

Bandanas grew in popularity in the 60s with the iconic Americana Paisley reminding us all how strong women are.  Use bandanas in your home decor like these homes have: 

Adding small USA flags in centerpieces is an easy way to use what you already have, and make it patriotic!  Here are some clever ways of using small flags in home decor for a Memorial Day party. 

Your door says something about you, and a cheerful USA wreath welcomes friends and gives a happy nod to neighbors.  I love these wreaths and how just looking at them makes me read for summer to begin!  

Kitchens are a great place to add seasonal decor.  It is the room meals are served, and so it should be decorated as well.  I love the idea of having a tiered decor tray.  They can easily be placed on the counter, either in the corner to add color, or front and center to be the centerpiece to you next BBQ!  I love the look of these tiered trays found on  You could buy these and paint them yourself, or head to hobby lobby and create one of your own!  

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Uncle Sam has a new cuter version in these adorable gnomes.  Place a few on your mantel, a shelf, or your entry table to welcome visitors with a sweet Uncle Sam.  

Kitchen or Bathroom towels are an easy quick way to add color. You can find towels at most stores around this time of year.  I have even seen state specific ones.  Just avoid any that have a printed flag.  Lean for stripes or just stars on them.  

If you have a fireplace with a mantel in your home, you know it is the focal point in the room.  Every eye is drawn to it, and so it naturally is a great place to decorate for the season.  Check out these beautifully decorated fireplaces. 

get inspired with these beautiful Patriotic home decor ideas!