Grandma hand-me downs, or just great deals on garage stores lead some of us to have extra dressers laying around.  There are a few things you can do with a sturdy dresser besides using it for storing clothes. Repurpose your dresser!

If you have a dresser that you no longer need or one that is missing a drawer or two, here are some options of other things you can do with it!

Use it as a Media Center or TV Stand


Dresser to Media Center

By removing the top drawer or top 2 drawers of the dresser, you can use that area to store dvd players, video game consoles, etc. Then, if you can drill a hole through the back, you can run the wires through that way. Then, you can use the drawers to store DVDs and other entertainment items.

Turn It Into a Kitchen Island

kitchen island dresser

You can add a counter top to the dresser so that it has an overhanging counter that you could use bar stools next to.  Another way to modify it would be to add legs or legs with wheels to the bottom of the dresser.  It might also help to paint the dresser in a way that is more fitted for the style of your kitchen.

Turn it Into a Bathroom Vanity


This would take some specialty hardware work, but you can remove the top of the dresser and turn the drawers from functional to non-functional and convert the dresser to a bathroom counter.  You would also need to add a counter top to the dresser that would be fit for a bathroom.  The drawer faces would likely just be separated from the box and then reattached to the outside of the frame, but the inside of the dresser would be basically hollow to allow for plumbing to be attached.  Definitely a bigger project, but could look amazing!

Turn it Into a Bench


Another option is to remove the top, the center and top drawers and all of the structure except the sides and the bottom drawers and the legs.  This obviously will also take quite a bit of expertise.  But, then, you can add a cushion and turn it into a cute bench!

5 Ways To Repurpose a Dresser