Christmas is not one day, it’s an entire season. It brings with it new scents, new sounds, and new sprinklings of the season around the home.  

Here are a few ideas for Christmas decor ideas that are unique, beautiful, and might bring a little extra cheer to your holiday.  I love the big décor like trees and wreaths and garland, but I also love the small touches that bring everything together.  

     So much of Christmas involves the table.  Decorate a regularly plain table with a Christmas centerpiece.  This Three Tiered Metal Galvanized Tray   is a beautiful home accent any time of the year, but overstuffed with Christmas items makes this piece a standout centerpiece.decor-1

    Lighting is one of my favorite Christmas decor ideas. Notice how there are no overhead lights on in this picture, it’s just twinkle lights from the garland, a lamp, and the tree.


    Candles are one of the most important elements of a cozy Christmas. I love the simplicity of this idea with just a cake platter, ivory candles, and a wrapped berry garland.  decor-3

    I love everything about this corner. The skis, the books, the plaid, the lights, I love am obsessed with creating a woodland corner in my home this year.decor-4

Photo courtesy of: The Golden Sycamore

    Don’t toss your hanging plants just yet! You can simply replace the hanging flower pots with boughs and pinecones and ornaments for a completely unique look.decor-5

    I love the tiny touches, like a mini wreath hanging on a white lamp base. Pure perfection.  decor-7

  Photo Courtesy of:

    Stairs don’t have to be limited to garland. Giant letters on the staircase is a great alternative to traditional staircase garland.  decor-6

Photo Courtesy of quarters1.blogspot

    Did you know you could plant spruce seedlings and grow your own tiny trees? I didn’t but I can’t wait to try!decor-8

    Honestly, one of the best parts of Christmas is the candy conveniently matches your home décor. This is one of the cutest, easiest (and tastiest) centerpieces I’ve seen yet!decor-9Photo source

 No need for a mantel, you can hang your stockings anywhere with this adorable pallet craft. decor-10Tutorial for Pallet Craft

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